To the old school harlequin, my tin foil knight

I am a damsel in distress,
locked in my falling tower,
waiting for my prince charming,
wanting him,
needing him,
all my life,
living in a lustless fairtail,
awaiting my true love,
to steel my heart,
my prince charming.

I spend night after night,
surrounded by tormenting dragons,
disguised as angels waiting to hurt me.

Up ahead in the distance,
a stranger appears,
with his crumpled amour,
to make me smile,
his coat hanger sword,
to fight off my nightmares,
his wooden-plate shield,
to protect me from dragons,
he thinks hes nothing,
in reality hes my prince charming.

As he rescues me from my tower,
my heart becomes his.
my very own tin foil knight


Tin Foil Knight

i love this so much, thank you angel xx


This one is for you Lee. Bit of a spur of the moment thing but i hope you like it. I love you. xxx

You are such an amazing treasure,
A real life angel,
I’m more or less nothing,
I’m simply a Tin Foil Knight,
My tine foil armour is all crumple and lacks a sheen,
My sword is nothing but a coat hanger,
My shield, a wooden plate,
My steed is pretty much imaginary,
I’m no lord, no baron, no king,
I’m just a Tin Foil Knight.

I’ll still be yours though,
With my shield I’ll protect you from dragons who make you cry,
With my sword I’ll fight off your nightmares,
With my armour and steed I’ll rush to your side,
I’m not much good but I’ll stand by you,
I’ll be yours,
Your very own Tin Foil Knight.

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